Parent's Crash Course: My Kid is a SuperFeeler

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Does your child seem super sensitive?

Do they have Big Emotions?

And Big Care?

Your child most likely is a SuperFeeler! This is the term we like to use to help children feel great about their SuperFeelings! Psychology calls it Highly Sensitive.

Our Definition of a SuperFeeler: Notices and feels the subtleties and nuance of their surroundings and processes and feels this information on a deeper level. This may include sights, sounds, touch, taste, and smell, &/or the demeanor, tone, feelings, pain, and mood of other people, animals, and oneself.

I have categorized SuperFeeling into 4 Types: Sensory, Heart, Thrill, & Combo

How we guide and respond to our SuperFeeler kids will determine whether their sensitivities are a wonderful advantage or a source of pain and anxiety.

If Parents can guide their children now, the beautiful SuperFeelers will not say the following (sentiments I hear from my adult SuperFeelers, until I teach them their Sensitivity is a SuperPower):

I am too sensitive.

There must be something wrong with me.

I wish I wasn't so different.

I am tired of feeling so much.

We are excited to share with you everything SuperFeeling. You will learn fully their common traits and how to support, protect, and comfort your SuperFeeler through understanding communication, guide them to feel their feelings, gentle discipline, and overall providing a foundation for thriving autonomously.

SuperFeeler parents must learn how to help their child avoid the kryptonite of a SuperFeeler: Overwhelm, Overstimulation, & Overarousal.

SuperFeelers make up only 15-20% of society, 80% of the society is not SuperFeeling...this means the world environment is not designed to support SuperFeeling.

I am Coach Kim O, the author, and a thriving SuperFeeler, but this was not always the case. Now I love my gift, my SuperPower. But, it is only because I live a life to support my SuperFeeling. If we do not live a life to support our SuperFeeling, we will suffer gravely, guaranteed.

Here are a list of many of the courses that are included in a Monthly Membership (click on the option that says "subscription")

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Build Your Confident Authenticity Series: Personality, Purpose, Values

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Unity Embraces Diversity course - great for individuals, companies, and organizations!

What People are Saying:

There are not enough words to share how Kim & HWU courses have transformed my life. Kevin C, NC

Kim is awesome. Just want to tell you how grateful and blessed I am to have stumbled across her group and life coaching. It's like the female version of hitch. I thank her for helping me transform my life. Troy H, ID

Thank you for teaching me how to witness my feelings and listen to my heart! I am sleeping better than ever and my life is so much better! Cindy L, AZ

My spirit has come alive! Thank you for being you! Rebecca H, AZ

I appreciate your insight and wisdom. You are a ray of sunshine. Thank you for making a difference in my life! Johnna S, AZ

I have had more ah-ha moments with Kim than I have had my entire life. Her coaching has been a life-saver, not only in dating, but in life. Even my business decisions are stronger and catapulting my earning potential. Shawn M, AZ

Before I enrolled in HWU, I was beyond feeling defeated. I didn't feel confident in dating or relationship. Her program did more for me than 20 years of counseling. Chris M, IL

I was stuck in a relationship for years, a repeat pattern. Kim's courses and coaching woke me up to my values and needs. Misty F, AZ

I didn't see my role in the demise of my relationship, until I took HWU courses. When I took full responsibility for me, everything changed. Dr Becky, AZ

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Your Instructor

Kim O
Kim O

Hi, my name is Kim O and I founded and am the Spiritual CEO of HeartWorkUniversity. My coaching style highlights the root of your challenges quickly and with love, and offers the tools you need to move forward confidently. I will be present with you, listen, share, offer powerful questions, and guide you through transformative mind and skill sets that give you clarity and healing. Being an HSP myself, I have an affinity for coaching Highly Sensitive People or Empaths, helping you understand your super power and live a life to support it. I rely upon my experience of having overcome trauma, anxiety, depression, and relational issues, and I rely upon my relationship with God, which includes wisdom and intuition. (I enjoy coaching people of all backgrounds and faiths, everyone is loved and welcome.)

I would be honored to love and serve you.

Kim O and the HWU team

Kim O earned her Bachelors Degree in Psychology at Grand Canyon University. She earned Life Coach Training and Advanced Life Coach Certification at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix. She is trained in various coaching and healing modalities and psychological techniques including: polyvagal, humanistic, positive affirming, personality, cognitive behavioral, sound therapy, energy, hypnosis, and meditation. She is the author of Heartbreak to Wholeness and How to Sow.

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